I painted this yesterday (although I had been chipping away at the concept for longer) as a last minute entry for the Ghost Book. I didn’t get in, but that’s fine :3 I’m a little disappointed - but part of putting yourself out there is getting rejected sometimes! I’m still super happy I painted it. I needed this. And I love the result so much. 
As usual the scan can’t compare to the original, but even with that I think I did a fairly good job with the scan.
Pencil sketch and daniel smith watercolors.

To me this looks exactly how I picture a young Hel, just after she’s been taken from her father and sent to Helheim

I love this.  Beautiful piece!

Photograph by RobBixbyPhotography on flickr

Hendrik Goltzius, The artists right hand, 1588. Pen and brown ink. From the auction Old Masters 2014. Sold for $4,554,011 © Christie’s

When Goltzius was a year old, he fell into a fire and burned both his hands. He was never able to fully open his right hand, a trait that became one of the artist’s most recognizable features. The shown abnormalities are not mannerisms but accurately rendered deformities caused by burns. The sheet can be considered as a “self-portrait.” Read more: metmuseum